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"We must all think for ourselves... I have had it with blindly following tradition- that is not a life!!"

Roan (ロアン) is one of the playable characters in Grandia II. He is a mysterious yet very polite young boy who joins the party after Ryudo helps him retrieve the medal bequeathed to him by his mother. He always sees the best in every character. He has strong connections with the Cyrum kingdom.


Unknown to Ryudo when they first meet him in Agear, Roan is the prince of Cyrum and when he returns and defeats the claws of Valmar he takes his father's place as king of Cyrum. Roan remains in Cyrum afterwards to care for his people while the rest of the party sets off for Garlan with the new party member: Tio.


Roan is a bright and optimistic young boy with an extraordinary amount of knowledge who exhibits the perfect table manners. He joined the party after traveling with a band of circus performers.

In Battle[]

Despite his age, Roan is a decent fighter and magic user. He wields daggers and knifes, which allows him to attack quickly. In the beginning when you first meet him, his HP is lacking, but steadily grows as the game progresses and ends up being third highest under Ryudo and Mareg. Like Ryudo, he has no particular weakness or strengths, although his MAG rating is a strong point of his. He gives the party more support than anything else as a melee fighter, but throwing him into the midst of battle alone may be disastrous. He definitely deserves to be fitted with an offensive Mana Egg so he can stay safe in the background casting spells. When he replaces Mareg for the final sections of the game and his HP grows, the player can opt to move him to the front lines alongside Ryudo and Tio. Roan is a perfect candidate for those certain "perk" skills such as item speed or skills that help his ITB gauge during battles. Toward the end, giving him an HP boost will prove to be beneficial. His special moves include a cancel attack, a move to hit an area with ice damage (this changes to single target when he rejoins later), a multiple strike dance and a move that cures the whole party of ailments, making him quite versatile. When Roan rejoins the party later on in the story, some of his skills change to reflect his true abilities as a member of the royal family (for example, Dragon Rise becomes True Dragon Rise and Roan maintains his stance at the attack's finale instead of the stumbling he did in the original version of the move).

Battle Abilities[]

  • Golden Hammer
  • Dragon Rise
  • Snowball Fight
  • Vitality March


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