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Alonso's Ship docked in Sabatar Harbor

A small harbour with several tents pitched up as small shelters around a central pier. The most significant feature of Sabatar is the presence of a Casino tent where many sailors spend their time gambling. The party meets Alonso shortly before reaching Sabatar and soon find he is addicted to gambling at the casino.

Stores in Sabatar[]

There is only a skill shop and a casino in Sabatar Harbor, but Alheal and Burnstrike can be purchased at discounted prices by talking to a person behind the casino tent and a person in the inn tent, respectively.

Skill Shop - Skills[]

Skill Skill Level Description Buy
Mind III.png Guru's Way 1 Taught to all magic users. +MAG and +RES. 100 G
Technique III.png Perception 1 Tones reflexes. Increases dodge rate. Skill Level 1. 60 G
Technique III.png Counter 1 Increases alertness. Gives chance for counter-attack. 80 G
Technique III.png Lizard Hunter 2 By a lizard hunter. Increases damage to reptiles and amphibians. 240 G
Body III.png Warrior's Way 1 Known by any warrior. +ATK and +DEF. 100 G
Body III.png Passive Defense 1 Teaches how to break a fall. Reduces IP damage. 60 G

Sabatar Casino[]

The casino in Sabatar Harbor features a token betting game, Arrange Dice. These tokens, called Medals, can be exchanged for prizes, according to the table below. Note that more prizes become unlocked throughout the game; checking back once further through the game might reveal new prizes. All items, except the Master Book, may be purchased an unlimited number of times, so long as you have enough medals to make the purchase.

Item Description Buy (# of medals)
Initial items
Herb III.png White Sulfur Consumable / When made into tea, this plant restores magic power. Restores 40 MP to one ally. 16 M
Herb III.png Panacea Consumable / Can cure any ailment. Cures poison, sleep, paralysis, confusion, silence, and sickness of one ally. 16 M
Bomb III.png Mogay Bomb Consumable / Shaped like a rabbit. Non-elemental damage in circle range around an enemy. Power: 120. Cancels. 36 M
Potion III.png Revival Elixir Consumable / This elixir awakens the will to fight. Revives one ally with 100% HP. 48 M
Feather III.png Silver Feather Consumable / An artificial feather. Moves one ally's IP symbol far ahead. 64 M
Gem III.png Jade Charm Accessory / A jade charm that exudes magical power. ATK +5. 800 M
Gem III.png Magic Pendant Consumable / This tiny pendant was made from a magic stone. MAG +5. 800 M
Staff III.png Staff of Healing Weapon / Radiates healing power. ATK +20, MAG +10. Use weapon: Restore ally's HP. 4000 M
After getting your plane from Schmidt
All of the above, and...
Fruits III.png Manana Fruit Consumable / A fruit with relaxing properties. Restores 80 MP. 240 M
Bomb III.png Big Mogay Bomb Consumable / From the Mogay tribe. Non-elemental damage in circle range around an enemy. Power: 600. Cancels. 360 M
Potion III.png Warrior's Tonic Consumable / A mysterious kind of water that restores energy. Restores 100 SP to one ally. 480 M
Feather III.png Golden Feather Consumable / A gold-plated feather. Moves all allies' IP symbols far ahead. 640 M
Light Armor III.png Rune Armor Armor / A breastplate engraved with ancient runes. DEF +25, RES +50. 8000 M
Mana Egg C III.png Volcano Egg Egg / Imbued with volcanic power. Fire: ☆☆☆. Magic Level 6. 12000 M
Shoes III.png Mysterious Clogs Shoes / Carved from the wood of an ancient magical tree. Warp movement. 45000 M
After returning from the Verse Realm on Disc 2
All of the above, and...
Potion III.png Holy Water Consumable / Holy water that restores magic power. Restores 160 MP to one ally. 1600 M
Bomb III.png Fat Mogay Bomb Consumable / An exquisite bomb. Non-elemental damage. Power: 1800. Cancel. 3600 M
Feather III.png Platinum Feather Consumable / Made of pure platinum. Moves all allies' IP symbols far ahead. 6400 M
Mana Egg C III.png Lake Egg Egg / Bursting with water power. Water: ☆☆☆. Magic Level 6. 12000 M
Potion III.png Indigo Elixir Consumable / A shining blue liquid that restores magic power. Restores 320 MP. 24000 M
Sword III.png The Gambler Weapon / Leaves it all to chance. ATK +???. Variable attack bonus. 80000 M
Cards III.png Alluring Cards Weapon / Charm unwitting enemies. ATK +99. Effect: Confusion. Use weapon: Confuse an enemy. 120000 M
Shoes III.png Ninja Slippers Shoes / These special slippers muffle the wearer's footsteps. INI +10. Warp movement. 160000 M
Skill Book Level 10 III.png Master Book Book / The ultimate Skill Book. Mind: ☆☆☆, Tech: ☆☆☆, Body: ☆☆☆. Skill Level 10. (Can only be purchased once.) 999999 M