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"In the name of Granas, all that is evil and corruptible must be purified!"

Ethereal and noble in appearance, High Priestess Selene (シレーネ) seeks to grow herself in the Light of Granas. She is greatly respected amongst worshippers for her eagerness to cleanse the world of heretics and Darkness, even though her methods are said to be a bit extreme. As leader of the Cathedral Knights, she traverses the lands in order to purify the world in the name of Lord Granas.


The party first meets Selene in Mirumu where she is attempting to purify the town of darkness. The Eye of Valmar is posessing a little girl called Aira and Selene attempts to condemn her and her mother Sandra for using Valmar's evil to send the villagers to sleep. Selene and her Cathedral Knights are prepared to burn down the entire town in order to "purify" it. After the Eye of Valmar is defeated and Millenia absorbs its power out of Aira, Selene spares the town because the people began to wake from their sleep. Selene reports back to Zera about the incident and about Elena.

She later appears once the Granasaber is found, promptly offering her blood and one of her Knights in order to summon the Body of Valmar. Leaving without explanation, she leaves heroes to battle the behemoth, reminding Elena to fulfill her duty.

When the Day of Darkness befalls the world, Selene is again encountered in St Heim. She reveals it was not by her order, "unfortunately", that her Knights proceed to massacre those they meet. She laments the people praying in the Cathedral like rats on a sinking ship, and explains death to be the way to end suffering. As what she sees as an expression of her love and dedication to Zera, she jumps off the ledge onto the swords of the Knights below. Together they turn into a repugnant, writhing mass which turns into the Heart of Valmar. Zera later reveals he not only knew Selene was posessed by the Heart, but planted it within her himself.


Selene is a dedicated individual, ready to do anything to achieve her goals. Eventually she would even be prepared to sacrifice her own life, calling it nothing more than a "sad test".

Selene is however also bloodthirsty, expressing disappointment at not having ordered the massacre performed by her Knights herself.

Abilities and Weaponry[]

It is implied that Selene is gifted with magic, but it is soon revealed that her power actually comes form her being possessed by the Heart of Valmar.

Her main choice of weaponry however remains her battalion of Cathedral Knights.


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