Skill Books are items that provide Skills that can be equipped onto characters. Like magic, skills are not innate to characters. They must be upgraded and equipped in order to be used.

Skills can either boost stats or add additional effects. Skills are learned with either Skill Coins or Magic Coins, depending on the type of skill.


Title Lets You Learn... Location
Adventure Book Combat skills Boss of Durham Cave - Durham Minotaur
Book of Gales Wind-control skills Boss of Underground Plant - The Claw of Valmar
Book of Priests Priestly skills Zera gives it to you
Book of Sages Magical skills Birthplace of the Gods - In a large chest on an altar on the first floor: you must turn all orbs on except the blue one
Book of Swords Swordsmanship skills From Melfice
Book of War Martial Art skills Hut of Trials
Book of Warriors Warrior skills Boss of Mysterious Fissure Underground - Eyeball Bats
Book of Wizards Wizardry skills Boss of Liligue Cave - The Tongue of Valmar

Skills Edit

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