A cliffside view of the skyway emerging from the deep mist of the Granacliffs

The skyway is the name for the transport service running trams, carrying people and cargo, across the Granacliffs. The body of the skyway is supported by three helium-filled balloons which keep it in the air, but the balloons are not strong enough to support the weight entirely. Because of this, the skyway is also attached to strong wires which guide it across the fissure as well as support it.

The skyway can be boarded from Liligue - from here it makes frequent flights unless there are strong winds, which are dangerous for the skyway because the wires may break under strong tension.


When the party arrives in Liligue, they find the Skyway closed to regular passengers under new rules by the Skyway Manager Gadan. He reasons that a greater profit is to be made transferring cargo than passengers. Ryudo offers him the substantial amount of 10,000G to allow them passage across, which Gadan greedily agrees to but says the last .

However, before they leave, they encounter Gadan once again and discover his possession by the Valmar. Freeing him from Valmar left him in a comatose state and the party had to move on, taking the skyway over the cliffs.

During their trip, Valmar's moon shines and the winds rise around the skyway, breaking the cables and hurling the tram down into Lumir Forest.