Breaking the spirit stone

Justin breaking the Spirit Stone

The spirit stone is the source of the Icarian's power and the fuel of the ancient Angelou civilisation. The stone was created by the spirits and embodied their power. The Icarians used their power to help the world and were peaceful beings who lived in harmony with humans. However, humans began to become jealous of the Icarian's power and attempted to wield the power of the Spirit Stone themselves. However, the stone could not be used by the humans, and their greed finally led to the creation of Gaia, resulting in the destruction of the Angelou Civilization forever. In a final act, the Icarians shattered the Spirit Stone to destroy Gaia and save the humans from themselves.

Justin's Spirit StoneEdit

Spiritstone larger

Justin inherited a piece of the Spirit Stone from his father, who used to keep it around his neck. The Spirit Stone opened the doorways in Sult Ruins that allowed him to see Liete and interacted with many other ancient Angelounian artefacts.

In battle, Justin's Spirit Stone can be used to raise the Max HP of an ally temporarily.

The Second Spirit StoneEdit

SpiritSword Larger
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A second Spirit Stone is made in the form of the Spirit Sword which is given to Justin by the spirits when he has proven that he is the Chosen One destined to stop Gaia. When General Baal rebuilds the original Spirit Stone, he once again gave rise to Gaia and Justin has to break the stone to defeat it.

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