Mural depicting The Battle of Good and Evil

The Battle of Good and Evil was a legendary battle waged between the two gods, Granas and Valmar. The battle took place in ancient times when the people were still blessed by the Gods. A war waged, not only between the two deities, but also between the people that supported them. The battle was ended when Granas' sword, the Granasaber pierced through Valmar and broke him into pieces. This strike carved a great crack into the land, which can still be seen as the Granacliffs.

Written LegendEdit

When the world was still young and yawned at every dawn's waking, Granas, the God of Light, came. All was bathed in the holy light of Heaven. Thus, those were the days of marvels. Yet, there were those who sought the power to resist Granas; they found power in Valmar, the God of Darkness. Power to release the energy bound up in life. Power to unmake the world.

Thus, in those days, they made war.

The fighting continued endlessly, until the Sword of Granas pierced the infinite darkness of Valmar. The mighty blow from Granas not only smashed Valmar to pieces, but also carved several ugly scars in the very surface of the planet. These are the Granacliffs that survive even to the present - scars in the land.

The reason why we call this earth the "Cursed Land".

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