"Stops movements of all enemies"

Time Gate is an Icarian Magic ability learned by Feena, which freezes time for everyone except Feena.


The Icarian Symbol associated with this spell.



Time Gate appears in the Action Menu as the ultimate Level 1 magic spell, learned when Feena's Water and Wind level both reach level 99. In the HD remaster, this has been reduced to Water and Wind level 18, although it doesn't unlock until Water level 35 and Wind level 33. Time Gate costs 99 MP (25MP in the HD remaster) to use and applies a global IP stasis effect to all enemies and allies alike, leaving Feena the only participant able to act freely for a few turns. This spell can only be learned after the events of the Zil Padon Ruins.


  • According to game-internal data, this spell's level requirements were supposed to be: Water skill of 35 and Wind skill of 33. Due to programming or hex value transition errors, these numbers transformed into a much higher, although unintended value, as the spell is unlocked. As Time Gate requires element levels at their maximum, it becomes impossible to accelerate its casting speed without equipping special accessoiries.
  • In the HD remaster, the spell list shows the level requirements to be Wind and Water level 18. The spell does not unlock until one reaches Water level 35 and Wind level 33, though.
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