Tower of Temptation

Justin and the party at the entrance to the Tower of Temptation.

"I have confidence in my power. Only one with relentless discipline may advance to the center of the circle."
―Advice upon entering the Teleportation Room

The Tower of Temptation is a Bonus Dungeon that can be accessed through the Savanna Wilderness in Grandia. Only accessible through magic portal, the true location of the Tower of Temptation is unknown.

Some of the most powerful pieces of equipment and weapons can be found in the Tower of Temptation including the Hertz Spike and Earthen Ax. The dungeon portal is no longer accessible after Leen sacrifices her life at J-Base.


As the Tower of Temptation is an optional dungeon, there are no specific story points. The quest in this dungeon is to climb the tower defeating the various monsters within. Once at the top, the players can retrieve the several rare treasures that cannot be found anywhere else within the game.




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