Merry April Fools' Day! It's apparently been some three and a half years since my first edit here, and since then I just keep coming back. That said, I apparently only made two edits in 2019, which... whaaaat??? Dear time travelers: please pester past me to work on the wiki more. I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Anyway, I want to do better this year. I tweaked the styling of all tables today (just better margin), and on Grandia III's side of the wiki, replaced the old "Grandia III Characters" template with the more extensive "Grandia3" one on most pages, and added it to whatever (non-empty) pages were missing a table altogether. So navigating the III wiki should be a fair bit more fluid now.

Melc Crystal
Gilled Pawn

I also wrote content for Rotts and Miranda's pages, and finally created Template:Grandia III Enemy, demonstrated on the new Gilled Pawn page. The data there is all collected from the manual effort of several-years-ago past me, who compiled a comprehensive bestiary using debug mode. Back then I meant to upload it to GameFAQs eventually, but the site's basically dead, so I'm just publishing the data here and now for anyone's convenience. The 2020s hope is to get all that data copied onto this Fandom wiki, along with moderately detailed strategy and encounter information, just like what already exists for the enemies of the other Grandia games. But I write "2020s" because it is quite a lot of work; while all the data is here now, the flair that makes the project particularly interesting to me is the photos attached with each monster, like you see on Gilled Pawn (plus a capture I have of Melc Crystal - both of those images float next to this paragraph). Thing is, grabbing moderately well composed photographs is a bit of a process, involving extensive use of debug mode, camera repositioning, and photo cropping. Multiply that across some 200 enemies and it becomes a bit of a daunting task!

So this may turn out to be an April Fools day in that I don't end up returning to this task for another half-decade; apologies in advance if that's the case. Still, I've no doubt I'll get to it eventually; III is a game very dear to my heart, and I've been striving to lift its inconsistently incomplete side of the wiki up to the same standards of the rest of the wiki...annnnd maybe push beyond those standards just a little, too, and make the wiki better all around! We shall see. :P


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