Below is a list of bugs encountered so far in the Switch versions of the Grandia HD Remaster. Please feel free to message me with corrections or additions. I have tried to include screen shots where possible


  • Boss battle music plays twice, overlays over itself
  • (English Language) In Sult Ruins, when Mio throws away letter, she should say “Bye Bye” but instead uses different audio
  • Widescreen causes some characters to stop & disappear before moving out of frame
  • Sprite discolouration errors when performing certain moves such as “Fight Cheer”
  • Graphical issues with certain spells


  • Sprite graphics occasionally tear, especially on larger models such as Gadwin


  • Music and sound issues on Pirate Island – music switches to Disk 2 battle theme after the first fight and then some battle dialogue fails
  • Black border around certain shadows/translucent sprites/objects
  • MogeyBomb occasionally has bombs detonate before Guido pushes plunger
  • Eyes do not appear/blink correctly on character icons during battle
  • Character sprites occasionally not smoothed (although it would be nice to have unsmoothed as an option)

Sprite Glitch

  • Skyboxes do not appear for some cutscenes

Missing Skybox

Grandia II

  • Widescreen causes some characters to stop & disappear before moving out of frame
  • Preference for “L button rotation” does not save between reloads
  • Elena’s closed eyes facial texture does not load correctly

Demon Eyes

  • Some slight displacement of menu boxes leaving hanging textures
  • Framerate issues in certain busy areas such as Lumir Forest
  • Unusually loud footsteps and certain sound effects
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