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"Let's don't have to worry anymore we'll find the answer, we do it together...let's fly, you and me."

Yuki (Yuuki in the Japanese version) is a headstrong boy who idolizes the legendary pilot Schmidt, aiming to be the second pilot to fly across the ocean, like Schmidt. He dreams of flying; his time meant for training to become a potter has been spent instead on building many planes with varying degrees of failure.

His father remains as of yet unknown.


As with the past four Grandia protagonists, Yuki wields a sword and uses magic fairly well. Of course, his MP does not match up to any of the other magic users, which will force him to resort to melee attacks during regular battles and boss fights in particular (though he can essentially do either). Yuki is a good backup healer and a pretty good candidate to use attack and support items with to aid the party. It's a good idea to equip him with the Life Up skill to boost his HP so he can fare as good as Ulf in the survival department. Any other skills that are supportive in nature will be great when equipped on Yuki. Some of his skills are wind, based so it's important to keep track of who or what you use them on.

Special Moves[]

Name Description Target Power SP Cost
Aerial Slash Hack into an enemy from above. Non-elemental. Cancels enemy attack. Single (ATK) ☆☆ 25
Whirlwind Conjure up a devastating whirlwind. Wind damage. Circle (ATK) ☆☆☆ 40
Flash Consume the wind's power to move twice as fast. Combo attack hits are doubled. Self (STR) - 25
Blade Storm Unleash a flurry of sword strikes. Wind damage. Also damages nearby enemies. Single (ATK) ☆☆☆☆ 50
Invincible Aura Call upon the spirits for divine protection. Negates a set amount of damage. Self (ATK) - 75
Dragon Slash Unleash the Dragon King's mighty power. Non-elemental. All (ATK) ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 99


Dreaming of the skies[]

Yuki lives in Anfog village with his mother Miranda; there he and his friend, Rotts, build an air plane so that they could fulfil their dream, by crossing the sea by plane. So far, they have failed 18 times, and thus his story begins here.

One day, Yuki and Rotts are building the 19th air plane in their Garage, which is almost completed; all they need to do is to equip the plane with a Flight Unit. Less to their expectations, Miranda comes to interrupt them, and Yuki and Rotts try to hide, but Yuki is eventually found by Miranda. She takes the Flight Unit and hides it somewhere in their house. Yuki retrieves the Flight Unit, which he already knew where Miranda would hide it (the kitchen). After retrieving the Flight Unit, Yuki goes back to the Garage, and they equip the Flight Unit to their 19th airplane. Yuki plans to take the flight at night so that his mother won't notice.

Meeting Alfina[]

That night, Yuki and Rotts prepare the plane for take off, in which Yuki will be the one to pilot it. Rotts tells Yuki to fulfil their dreams and meet him at the mainland. Soon after that, Yuki takes off, and he succeeds in leaving the village. Yuki and his plane fly across various places, until he flies slowly above a forest; Yuki then wonders why the plane goes down bit by bit, even though he's trying to make the plane go up. Then a voice talked to Yuki (which Yuki seems ignorant about), but later he notices that it's Miranda, who hid in the second seat of the plane, and she is the reason why the plane is going down slowly due to overweight. Before it goes down to the ground, however, Miranda notices that there's a carriage running by while been attacked by an unknown army; in response, Yuki drives his plane to get nearer to the carriage, but only to make his plane crash with the carriage. Before his plane hits the carriage, Yuki sees a girl with beautiful golden hair, and pointy ears.

Yuki and Miranda crash in the land near the forest, and unfortunately his 19th plane catches fire and all that Yuki can save is the Flight Unit. They were spotted by two of the unknown army's men who attacked the carriage before. Yuki and Miranda battle them, and come out victorious, and they both started to walk through the forest. At some point, Miranda asked Yuki what he would do if he were the girl, to which Yuki replies that he would go to the forest, so they both head into the forest. When they found the girl in the carriage, they saw that the girl was talking with a man with silver hair, whom the girl called Raven. Raven is then seen trying to attack the girl, and Yuki and Miranda immediately take action to save the girl, only to fail without even hitting Raven. He leaves them, and Yuki and Miranda ask the girl if she was hurt, to which the girl replies 'I'm okay' and passes out; at this point Yuki and Miranda decide to take her home to treat her so that she'll recover.

The next day, Miranda tells Yuki that the girl's fast asleep, and she also tells Yuki to get some Medicinal Herb in order to treat the girl's leg. Yuki remembers that he left some of it in the garage; after retrieving it, Yuki brings it back to Miranda. Miranda then tells Yuki to go and see the girl in Miranda's room. In front of Miranda's room, Yuki slowly knocks on the door and tell the girl that he's coming in; when there's no answer, Yuki opens the door slowly to take a look at the girl, and sees that the girl's awake and sitting up in the bed. When Yuki is about to tell the girl his name, the girl quickly answers "Yuki". The girl introduces herself to Yuki, saying that her name is Alfina. When Alfina tries to stand up, she almost falls to the floor (injured due to her leg tripped by a branch while back in the forest), but fortunately, Yuki prevents her from falling. After they hear Miranda's voice, both of them quickly take action; Alfina quickly sits in the bed, and Yuki sits in the chair in the room, which confuses Miranda. Miranda then asked Alfina why she's being chased by the unknown army, to which Alfina replies that she also don't know why. She also says that she needs to go to Arcriff, which Yuki and Miranda agree to help her with by taking her to Mendi Harbor. Miranda says that they will go in two or three days, but then they hear Gladys, one of the villagers in Anfog, scream, so Miranda tells Alfina to stay in the house, while she and Yuki go outside to check out what's happening.

Both of them rush outside and see that Gladys was captured by the man who attacked the carriage that night; he is called Kornell. Gladys then escapes by herself from him by stomping Kornell's foot. After that, Yuki and Miranda face him, in which he eventually escapes from the village. After that, Alfina comes out from the house and says sorry to them, telling both of them that it's her fault that Kornell came here. Miranda tells her not to worry, and she also tells Yuki to leave the village as soon as they are prepared. After that the three of them head out of the village to Anfog Woods

In the middle of their journey the three of them going to camp out for the night. Miranda makes a pit fall, and Yuki makes a rope which will make noise upon touched, so they would know if there's an enemy coming, while Alfina goes to find some food ingredients for dinner. At dinner time, Alfina cooks the dinner for them (it's her first time cooking), and Yuki notes that her cooking is purple like the one that the witch used to make from the story book when he was little, and Yuki was forced by Miranda to eat it (after which he hilariously collapses from it). After that they tell Alfina that the food contains a poisonous mushroom in it, so they won't hurt Alfina's feelings by saying that the food didn't taste good. After a few talks about Communicators, Miranda tells Yuki to take first watch for the night. While on the watch, Yuki feels cold (probably due to the night wind), so Alfina comes, giving Yuki a hot drink to warm his body. After that, they both talk for a while; Yuki asks why she wants to go to Arcriff so much, to which she replies that she wanted to find out why her brother refused to become a Communicator. She tells him that during his ceremony he left, only leaving his Communicator's Brooch behind, which Alfina shows to Yuki. Yuki asks if he can see it; he then comments that it has an unusual shape, 'kind of like a bird's wing'. Suddenly after that the rope trap rings, which Yuki then says that 'they're here', but it turns out to be just a rabbit, and so they both laugh in relief.

In the morning, after getting ready to continue their journey, they find that Kornell fell into their rope trap they made, resulting in him hanging in a net from a tree. He breaks it up eventually, and charges at the party, which results in a battle. After his defeat, he tries to chases Yuki and the others, but only ends up falling in a pit. The group continues on their journey, and they eventually reach the Sabatar Coast; they note that the sea looks very beautiful. Miranda goes to the pier, and she hears someone's voice; it came from the barrel just below the pier. Miranda then opens up the barrel, and they see that there's a man inside it. The man says that he's in their debt, and asks if there's anything he could do to help them. Miranda tells him that they need a boat to reach the mainland. The man introduces himself as Alonso, and says that he is a sailor, before showing them a map to prove it; after which Alonso joins the party, and they head toward Sabatar Harbor.

Alonso and the Casino[]

When they reach the harbour, Miranda will notice a casino and Alonso suddenly runs into the casino, taking Alfina's bag with him. The group chases Alonso to the casino, and sees that Alonso is gambling Alfina's brooch to take back what he lost. Unfortunately, he lost again to Bianca, the owner of the casino, which makes Alfina very sad. Bianca then also says 'how could he be a captain of a ship if he doesn't even have a ship', which angers Yuki due to the bet he made with Alfina's brooch and along with the fact that he lied to them. Alonso then whispers something to Bianca, which results in Bianca agreeing to start the gamble again tomorrow morning. The party then leaves the casino and heads toward Alonso's ship to stay for the night (which he lost in a bet); inside the ship they see that Alonso had obtained many strange artefacts during his journey. Yuki then apologizes to Alonso for not believing him, after which Alonso takes out the map and puts it in the right place. Miranda then tells Alonso that Bianca had cheated, to which he replies that he also knew it from before, and says that he had a plan to win this time. He whispers something to Miranda, which results in her punching him, after agreeing to help him. After that the party takes a rest.

In the morning, Yuki wakes up late, and everyone left him behind, so Yuki rushes to the casino; when he arrives, the gamble's about to start, and Alonso tells everyone that if he lost this gamble he'll marry Bianca. In the middle of the gamble, Alonso distracts Bianca by making Miranda seduce him, which surprises both Yuki and Alfina. After that he wins, and Bianca returns everything that Alonso lost in the bet, including Alfina's brooch. Miranda then shouts at Bianca and she leaves the casino. Alonso tells the party to meet at the pier when they're ready to go. On the ship, Yuki thinks to himself if only he had wings and he tells Alonso how his plane crashed, and about the promise he made to a friend to meet in the mainland and fulfil their dream. Alonso asks Yuki what it means to be the best in the world, to which he replied that he just wanted to keep flying, higher and higher; Alonso tells him that 'he'll find his dream someday'. Yuki then thinks about what he'll do after he gets a plane and what it means to be the best pilot in the world, and how he may completely lose sight of it. When Yuki talks to Alfina he also thinks that she already knows what she wants to do and she has seen it clearly, which leads him to the thought that if he got an air plane, he wants to go with Alfina. Yuki tries to ask Miranda to get her permission to go with Alfina, but in the end, hesitates, saying 'it's nothing'.

Crossing the sea[]

The next morning, Alonso's ship is attacked by Boat Swallows, and so they battle the huge flock; later they are saved by Alonso's friend Ulf, a dragon rider who likes to fly with his dragon Shiba. Yuki asks if he could ride Shiba, to which Ulf replies that it's up to Shiba; Shiba rejects Yuki's request, hitting him with his tail. Ulf then stays for dinner, and starts talking about the Verse Realm, as well as Schmidt, the pilot that Yuki idolizes so much. The way Ulf speaks of the Verse Realm deeply upsets Alfina, who walks out onto the deck. Yuki wonders why and follows her, asking Alfina if she's okay; she replies that she's fine but after a few words Alfina shouts at Yuki, saying that she just 'has to get to Arcriff'. In the morning Alfina says sorry to Yuki, and he replies that it's fine. Later before Ulf leaves, Ulf tells Yuki that Schmidt might actually see him if he brings him a Lem Fruit that can only be found in Randoto, after which Ulf takes his leave, saying that they'll meet again. Yuki shows his thumb up, which Ulf reciprocates. Yuki then tries to ask Alfina if they could stop by Randoto before they go to Mendi, which Alfina already knew he was going to say that and agreed, and the party takes off to Randoto.

Yuki and the others arrive in Randoto, where there's an earthquake going on, but it stops after a short while and they search for the Lem Fruits. They find one at the very top of Randoto, but unfortunately are attacked by a Minotaur, which they battle and come out victorious, acquiring the Lem Fruit. On the way back down, there is another earthquake, but this time the earthquake destroys some of the land, below which there is an Verse Sphere that sucks everything inside. Alonso and Miranda are able to hang on the piece of land, but Alfina gets sucked into the Verse Sphere. Yuki tries to jump into the Verse Sphere to save Alfina, but Miranda holds him back, which make the latter shout at his mother to let him go; due to the shock, Miranda accidentally lets him go and he jumps into the Verse Sphere.

When Yuki regains consciousness, he finds himself in the Verse Realm; he also finds Alfina there laying unconscious. Yuki wakes her up, and when Alfina sees where she is, she says that this is 'not the Verse Realm; the place is dead and there's no life here', so Yuki suggests that they should look around to see if there's anything they could find. They eventually reach a place with many flowers--glass-like flowers, which makes Alfina say again that this is not the Verse Realm. When she touches one of the flowers, it withers away along with the other flowers, which causes Alfina to continue to say that there's no life here. Yuki responds that she's wrong; there's life here because he's here by her side, which calmed Alfina who says that his hands are warm. They continue on until they reach the end of the place, and they saw a girl playing a violin, who says that the Verse Realm 'must be forgotten', and that she's going to return them to their own world, making them a flying-plate like glass for them to step on. Alfina offers the girl to come with them, but she declines; Alfina asks why while holding her hand, and notices that her hand is cold, which makes her let go of the little girl's hand, and the plate starts moving and returns them back to their own world.

When Yuki and Alfina get back to their own world, they immediately see that Miranda and Alonso are surrounded by enemies. Yuki and Alfina help them in defeating them, and after the battle Alonso shouts at Yuki because he made both him and Miranda worry, which make Miranda really quiet. Yuki then apologizes to his mother for making her worried, and she acts like she's about to hit Yuki, which Yuki reacts to by closing his eyes, but she actually hugs him and said that she's glad he came back safe; after which the party then leaves Randoto.

Later in the ship Yuki and Alfina talk about the Verse Realm and the girl; Yuki comments that the place is beautiful but it also feels hollow. Alfina thanks Yuki because he held her hand, saying that if it wasn't for that, she doesn't think that she could have made it back, and she also wonders why the girl didn't go with them while she had the chance. Yuki stands up and says "let's fly" and tells her that she didn't had to worry any more, saying that 'we are going to find the answer together'. He then hold her hands, which makes Alfina happy to hear it, but Yuki still needs to get permission from her mother to let him go, which Miranda (unnoticed by them) overheard their conversation, who goes inside the ship with a sad face. Yuki and the others are then having dinner and Yuki tells about Schmidt; they also talk about what happened in the Verse Realm, while Miranda stays quiet. They all take a rest except for Alonso and Miranda, who stay up chatting all night long, and in the morning they finally reach the mainland and Mendi City.

Schmidt and the Aeroplane[]

While walking in the city, Miranda says to Yuki that he should go see Schmidt with Alfina, while she picks up ingredients for tonight's dinner with Alonso. Yuki and Alfina go off to see Schmidt, then later they arrive at Schmidt's garage. Yuki finally meets his idol, Schmidt himself, and gives Schmidt the Lem Fruit; Schmidt tells them to get out, but Yuki refuses, and continues to try to persuade Schmidt. Yuki explains to him how he has already built planes before, and how they all crashed, then he shows him his new design for the 20th plane, which Schmidt harshly replied that 'it'll crash, too'. Yuki agrees with a downed expression, but later he adds with it a spirited word, while Schmidt runs from one end of the garage to the other. Schmidt then asks Yuki why he refused to give up after he crashed 19 times, to which Yuki replies, "No's just that I love flying so much, because I need to be free", which convinces Schmidt to finally agree to make him a plane, and he tells Yuki to come here again tomorrow morning, which makes Yuki very excited. Yuki and Alfina then return to the ship, and when they see that Miranda prepared all of Yuki's favourite meals, it makes Yuki say if there's someone's birthday today, after which Miranda replied that there's nothing special today. During dinner, Yuki explains to Alonso and Miranda about Schmidt; when Yuki tries to tell Miranda that he'll be leaving with Alfina, Miranda suddenly changes the topic and starts to ask Yuki some weird questions, making Yuki then get out onto the deck to get some fresh air. Alonso catches up with Yuki, and explains to him that he and Miranda already knew about Yuki going to Arcriff with Alfina, and later he asks Yuki what he will do with with his "wings", to which Yuki says that he wanted to do and learn many things. Alonso then says to Yuki not to let anything get in his way, and to find the answer he needs. Miranda then comes out and knows what Alonso's saying, and she tells Yuki that she won't stop him, and explains about last night;while she and Alonso were awake they were having a long talk all night. She tells Yuki that they're not going to Arcriff with him nor is she going back to Anfog, saying that for once she wanted to be happy.

The next morning, Yuki and the others go to see Schmidt in his garage, and when they arrive, Schmidt says to Yuki that she's (referring to the plane) waiting for him beyond the door. Yuki and the others go out to see it, and Yuki knows that the design is made from his plans, which he realizes with awe on his face. Yuki equips his plane with the Flight Unit then turns on the engine and it works, which make Yuki very over-excited. Schmidt tells Miranda not to worry about him because he got a good head, and then soon after that Yuki and Alfina take their leave. Before he flies off, Yuki gives his mother a thumb up; later he flies back (while still riding the plane) to them, calling Miranda "mum" which makes her very happy and also makes her cry. After that Yuki and Alfina fly up into the sky.

In the sky, Yuki states that the plane is even better than he expected to be, and Alfina says that she didn't really get the chance to say goodbye but Yuki says that it's okay. Yuki flies his plane higher, passing through the clouds, and manages to fly above the sky. Alfina, amazed, comments that she feels like a bird; Yuki states that this is not his first time. His first time feeling that way was a while back, when Yuki was still building his air plane. During his first flight it was stormy and his plane was torn off, with Yuki still struggling against the typhoon but nothing works, and he was knocked unconscious. When he awakened, he was above the sky, and he thought that it was heaven before realizing that he's actually alive and it made him feel amazed. Then the scene goes back to Yuki and Alfina; he says to her that he felt truly alive at that time, and Alfina says that she also feels it; suddenly his plane is being blown away by the wind which surprises them but makes them excited and happy, and so they head toward Arcriff.

Disaster at Arcriff Temple[]

In the sky before reaching Arcriff, Yuki and Alfina see a very long dragon-like ship, and Alfina say that she sees someone standing on it. When Yuki tries to get nearer to it, one of his plane's wings hit the ship and torn off a bit. Before they are about to crash, Alfina shouts Emelious's name. The plane crashes in Arcriff Forest and seems to be torn up a little, which causes Alfina to apologize to Yuki; Yuki says that it's fine, so they head toward Arcriff. When they both reach Arcriff's gate, which Yuki remarkably state that it's 'just only the gate', a guard stands there who asks about the two of them. When Alfina introduces herself, the guard lets them in, officially marking their arrival in Arcriff Temple. Alfina tells Yuki that they need to see the bishop.

They both go see the bishop, who tells them that the ceremony will be held the day after tomorrow; Alfina refuses and instead asks for the ceremony to be held tomorrow morning, and the bishop has no choice but to agree with her. Alfina then asked where her brother's room was before he left, and after finding out, she and Yuki go to her brother's room. There, Alfina finds her brother's diary, and reads it, which reveals some of her brother's past. They go back to see the bishop, who tells both of them to take a rest, and that he has prepared a room for them. In front of their room, Alfina argues to the priest why she doesn't get to stay in the same room with Yuki, to which the priest tells her that it's the bishop's order. Alfina still insists because she has a lot to talk about with Yuki. When Yuki says they can talk tomorrow, Alfina refuses again, but eventually relents. At night while Yuki is still awake, Alfina knocks on the door, and Yuki pulls her in the room fast (because if the priest finds out they might be in trouble). Alfina tells Yuki that she used to sleep in that room when she was little, and shows him a drawing that she drew in the corner on the wall; the drawing being of Emelious and her. They go out the window and onto the balcony, and Alfina shows Yuki where the ceremony takes place, and after that the scene fades away.

Yuki wakes up late in the morning, and he rushes into the viewing room to see the ceremony. He's able to make it, and sees Alfina communicating with one of the Guardians: Gryph. Alfina talks with her concerning her brother Emelious, who is shown perched atop Arcriff Temple. Gryph then tells Alfina to 'believe in love'. Suddenly after that, Emelious jumps down, beheading Gryph, suprising both Yuki and Alfina. Emelious then says that the Guardian is dead by his hands, and Alfina drops the Communicator's Brooch, which shatters. He then grabs Alfina's throat, which makes Yuki quickly jump in and prevent him from doing anything worse. Emelious brings out an orb which summons a storm of darkness, and many giant roots come out, destroying Arcriff. Yuki and Alfina manage to escape the ruins of Arcriff Temple, where they run into Raven. Raven tells Alfina that she caused this (as well as that she must tell the other Guardians that Gryph is dead), and Alfina collapses to the floor, saying that it's her fault. Yuki says that it's not her mistake and they head back to where the plane crashed. Yuki hoped that his plane would still be able to take both of them back to Mendi, which it is able to, and they land at Mendi's Flight Point; the plane breaks down soon after that. Yuki apologizes to her (the plane) that she couldn't fly for a very long time, and Alfina is still in a state of shock and depression due to the destruction of Arcriff Temple. Yuki tell Alfina that they should find a place to stay for the night.

Yuki and Alfina stay in the inn in Mendi, when they get there, the innkeeper asks if they are a couple, which makes Yuki embarrassed, but Alfina stays the same, and runs upstairs. After a while, Yuki asks the innkeeper how Alfina's doing, and the innkeeper replies that she's fast asleep, which relieves Yuki, who goes out of the inn, and sees Ulf passing by. He explains the situation to Ulf, who says that there is another Guardian named Drak in his homeland, Dragon Valley. Yuki wonders how he could he get there, and Ulf suggests to Yuki that he should find another Lem Fruit, so Schmidt would make another plane for him. Yuki asks how they could get there without his plane, to which Ulf replies that he can use Shiba to go there. Yuki then begs Shiba to let him ride on him, which Shiba allows. They then head to Randoto to find another Lem Fruit, which they do before being attacked by two Minotaurs. After that, they head back to Mendi to see Schmidt.

In Mendi Yuki wonders why his plane is gone, then Schmidt comes, telling Yuki that he already knows what happened, and that Yuki should wait in front of the garage. There, Schmidt shows him his new built plane, which Yuki greatly thanks Schmidt for. Yuki then goes back to inform Alfina with Ulf. In the inn, Alfina was baking breads, which Ulf tries and says it is good, and tells Yuki to try some; he does and replies that it is good. Ulf then agrees to take them to Dragon Valley; after that they fly in their new plane towards Dragon Valley, where the guardian Drak resides.

Seeking the other Guardians[]

While flying near the cliffs of Dragon Valley Yuki notes that the wind is amazing, and after a few minutes, Ulf remarks that it's 'too quiet' there, and they are suddenly attacked by dragon riders. Ulf tries to explain to them about Alfina being a Communicator, but they refuse to listen, so Yuki and Ulf land somewhere in the fields of Dragon Valley. They walk from there and eventually reach the gate where beyond lies the Guardian Drak. Ulf continues to explain to his people to let them in, but again they refuse to believe him, which angers Ulf; suddenly a voice speaks to the people to let them in, and they do so, believing that the voice is Drak. Once inside, the party talks with Drak, who says that there's a people who call themselves the 'People of The Corridor' in Baccula and there also lies a Guardian named Yoat there, and so they head on to the Bacculan Settlement.

Yuki and the others arrive at Baccula, and they see two women talking about a Communicator who is supposed to come there, one of which says that 'no one is coming' and talks about someone named Dahna. Yuki and the others head to the Chief's Tent to see the chief, who is the one the woman who talked about before: Dahna. Alfina explains to her that Gryph was dead, and that her last words were to believe in love, which Dahna refuses to accept, saying that 'love will only bring sadness'. This surprises the party, and they leave the tent, deciding to stay in the inn. In the inn they have dinner, and talk about Dahna's reaction; they decide to talk to Dahna again tomorrow. After the dinner they hear a song outside, and it turns out to be Dahna who is singing it; Dahna explains why she refused to believe in love. Screenshots are shown of her and her love before he left. Raven then appears; he was the man whom Dahna loved, and he tells her to leave this place, after which Raven leaves, and Dahna finally believes in love once again. The scene fades, and reveals the next day; Dahna has agreed to help them to see Yoat, and that she will guide them to where Yoat resides.

They pass through the Baccularn Desert and the Baccula Ruins; after they arrive outside of the ruins, they see the gate in shambles, which Dahna remarks that only the People of The Corridor can open that door. They head in, and inside the party sees Emelious's henchmen, Kornell and Violetta, about to kill Yoat; Alfina stops them using Drak's Orb and they battle them to protect Yoat. Yuki and his friends come out victorious, after which a Verse Sphere appears and the roots that attacked Arcriff come out of it, but Yoat is able to stop it. Kornell and Violetta will leave, Kornell wondering if Emelious had planned to killed them as well as Yoat. Alfina and the others speak with Yoat, who tells them to go to the other world, to know what they suffered and felt. Dahna tells the party that she needs to get something in Baccula to do so and they head back to Baccula.

After Dahna gets the things she needs to unlock the gate to the other world, she then cuts the web-sealed place, and the party heads into the Bacculan Dessert, reaching Herasell where the gate to the other world lies. The party then put the item that Dahna took into the seal and a Verse Sphere appears; Dahna tells the party that when Emelious came to Baccula, the next morning he and Raven disappeared and the Yoat statue was damaged, and after hearing that the party then jumps into the Verse Sphere. The next scene shows Drak; he is speaking with Emelious, who is trying to harness the power of Xorn (according to Drak). He asks Emelious if he believes he can control the power of Xorn, to which he replies 'you'll see soon enough!' After the scene fades, the sound of a sword cutting something is heard (symbolizing the death of Drak).

The Verse Realm[]

Yuki and his friends arrived at the Verse Realm, in the cavern called Glass Forest, here Ulf note that everything's here is made out of glass and Alfina sees a person far away. Yuki and his friends then passed the Glass Forest, they reached the Terrarium a type of city in the Verse Realm, Ulf is excited to see people in here, only to be shocked, knowing that the people around here are starting to turn into glass, Alfina then asked a man, if he knows a girl that plays violin, the man said that she doesn't want to meet you, which surprised both Yuki and Alfina, Ulf say that both Yuki and Alfina must have been here before, and so the party search the girl's house, when they finally arrived at a house, the butler told them that the girl was expecting them to come and she's waiting in the Terrace, the girl goes by the name Hect, when they see her, Hect's playing the sad-toned melody and make the flowers around withered, Alfina stop her and asking many questions to her, but she just continue to keep playing, the flower continue to wither, and which also tick off Ulf to his sense, but Yuki manage to stop him, and ask Hect about this world, she only say that the people from which Yuki and other come from always tries to bring hope for them, then the butler come out and tell her that the people has gathered in the town's square.

Hect tell the people about Gryph's death and make them upset and, when they leave, Hect will tell the party that long time ago, a Guardian named Xorn was making a havoc in the Verse Realm and all the other Guardians joined forces and defeated him and sealed him away but his curse still remain in this world (this is the reason why the place and it's people turned into glass as time passes), and tell that there are 2 people like them come here before, Alfina knew that one of them was Emelious her brother which surprised Hect, and Dahna, also new that the other was Raven, then both her and Alfina beg her to tell them about both of them, Hect said to go away and leave them after that, which the party knew that they really was here before when they're back at Hect's house, the butler told them that Hect doesn't want to meet them, and had isolated herself in her room, the butler said it's the people from their world who stole their happiness away, then the butler offer the party to stay for the night in her, the party agree, and when they had dinner, Yuki note that the food here are pretty bland except for the bean, after a few chit chat the scene fades, hinting that they done eating and take a rest.

In the next day, the butler tell the party that Hect left, and she'll be back tomorrow, Dahna ask the butler where did the 2 men go when they were here, the butler said that they go to entrance that leads to Surmania Zero, the party then follow their path and head toward Surmania Zero by passing the Silver Stream, and before they reached Surmania Zero, they reached the Doomed Garden, the place is unlike any other place in the Verse Realm, there's life in here, Yuki wonder who would have live in this place, they enter the house and encounter a man named Femuto, the party ask him about Surmania Zero and he replied that, Surmania Zero is nearby from here, and it was the most prosperous land in here, but the battle of the Guardians destroyed the place into ruins, and after hearing that he party heads to Surmania Zero.

When they reached Surmania Zero, they see that the was ruin, and there's a giant crater in the middle of it, the party then meet Hect at the end of it, Hect then tell them about Emelious and Raven which move Alfina to tears, and discalmed but Dahna able to calm her down, and Hect ask Alfina why she care about her brother so much even after knowing the truth, she said that she loved him, which then Hect plays her violin tell them to go back to Terrarium while she had to arrange her thought, the party then head back to Terrarium, and again the butler offer them to stay for the night, and they accept his offer stayed for the night.

In the morning, they see the butler, and when about the butler about to surprise them that Hect came back, Alfina already know that from his face that she was home, the butler embarrassed and tell them that she's in the Terrace, in the Terrace, the party see Hect putting her violin in the case, and tell them that she doesn't need it anymore, because they make her realize, that the people here not just sealed Xorn but also sealed their heart away, and later she's also revealed as a Communicator after Alfina said that her hands are warm now, then Hect tell the party to come back to their own world, and then the butler say that there's a Verse Sphere just beyond the southwest entrance, the party then go as they are told to do, and they passed the Silver Spring and arrive at the Eternal Corridor at the end of the place the party face off against Mother Breed who guarded the Verse Sphere, after the party defeated it the party then jump in into the Verse Sphere, and make it back to their world, but they are secretly watched by two mysterious men from somewhere, one of them is called La-Ilim a demon-like person.

The party make it back into their world, and landed in the Nautica Plain the source of Baccula's oasis, Dahna then remember that her sister Rullia saw a Guardian before, the Guardian's name is Seiba, the party decide to head back to Baccula to ask her, and when the party arrived at foggy place, they can't see everything clearly, Yuki tell the other to stay together, only to hear Alfina's scream, it's revealed that it's La-Ilim who took hostage of her, but Dahna managed to save her, but then La-Ilim summoned a Undead Dragon to assist him in battle, they battled, and after it's over La-Ilim vanished, and the party can progress further, after they passed each of the places, they finally return to Baccula.

Guardian in the Jungle[]

In Baccula, the party see that the current Baccula is changed unlike before, which confused Dahna and think what's her sister doing while she's not here, to make this place changed like this, the party then head into the Chief's Tent to ask Rullia about the Guardian she saw, in chief's tent Rullia explain that she didn't saw them but just heard the voice at Vejas Jungle, after that Rullia offer them to stay for the night, but Ulf suddenly say that they had booked at the inn, so the party head to the inn, and when the innkeeper said that they are here for the kebabs, Ulf then accuse Yuki that he's addicted to it (which it's actually Ulf who is addicted to it) but Yuki answer that he would never forget the flavour, and so after that the party had dinner, the party talked about the town's change and Yuki remember that it's fashion is similar to Bianca (the one at the casino in Sabatar who left after being found out that she cheated), and they also make some joke (e.g if Rullia was a Communicator then Dahna would be the Guardian), after some more talk, the party take a rest.

In the morning, the party head toward Vejas Jungle, they arrived, and found Vejas Ruin deep inside the jungle, in the end of the ruin, they finally meet Seiba, He tell them that Drak has died and he tell the party to continue to believe, they head out from the ruin, and see Emelious and Raven fighting, when Raven about to kill Emelious, Seiba appears, and Emelious quickly escapes and take his chance to kill Seiba he succeed and then he escape, while Raven chase him off, while Alfina collapse out of shock, they decide to camp out for the night, Yuki tell Dahna and Ulf to take a rest while he watch over Alfina, but he doze off, and when he wake up, Yuki noticed that Alfina's gone, he searched for her and found her, Alfina start questioning Yuki why her brother rejected her, don't want to become a Communicator, etc, and when she about to ran off Yuki hold her hand and said that he don't know about his brother but he could at least help her, and suddenly hug her, after that they hear a Guardian's voice, and notice right away that there's still a Guardian out there.

One Final Guardian[]

The next day, Alfina apologizes for making them worry, to which Ulf replies that it's good that there's still a Guardian out there (which they supposed to have slept at that time), Yuki and Alfina claim that if he knew about that then he and Dahna spied on them last night, but Dahna quickly turn off the subject, and say that the Melc Ruins is somewhere in the sky, which will be their next destination, and so they go to their destination.


Yuki is a Japanese name that means "snow", but it's only used for women. His Japanese name, however, is Yuuki ("courage") which is sometimes used for men.

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