Dancing Cactus men

Cactus men dancing in the Zil Desert

The Zil Desert is a large oasis located in the center of the Eastern Elencia in Grandia. The desert is located the Virgin Forest and Cafu to the north and the Savanna Wilderness in the south. In the heart of the desert is the city of Zil Padon which acts as a travellers rest for those heading to the south of the continent.

The Zil Desert is home to two bonus dungeons, the Soldier's Graveyard located in the North Zil Desert and the Castle of Dreams in the South Zil Desert.


After collecting the Gaia Sprout in the Tower of Doom, Milda suggests that the party to speak The Three Wise Men of Laine to obtain more answers. Milda guides Justin, Feena and Rapp through the Zil Desert as they travel south towards the village of Laine.





  • Within Disc 2, there exists a Gaiafied version of the Zil Desert that goes unused, containing 1 unused enemy, the Gaia Cactus.[1]


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